Cashback - All You Need to Know

Benefitting from free line rental is simple. You pay the network each month and claim the money back from the retailer. This is because the price of each tariff is set by the network, and it is the retailer which is giving you the great benefits!

Depending on the free line rental deal, you may receive the money directly into your bank account without any requirements.

However, if your deal gives a substantial amount of free line rental, it may have to be claimed through cashback in installments. Although this is an efficient process, this page will direct you to make sure you know exactly what to do.

If you have opted for a 'free gift' deal then this will not apply.

Cashback in more detail
How do I claim cashback?

If you already know what cashback is, then go straight to:

The Three Golden Rules to Cashback Success - It simplifies the process, takes five minutes of reading and assures that you will not forget to claim easy money back due to forgetfullness.

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Cashback in more detail

Cashback is what allows you to benefit from free line rental or half-price line rental.

You are claiming money back from the retailer.

For example, if you sign up to a 12 month contract in which you are paying £30 a month, the total payment would be £360.

However if the retailer promises 6 months free line rental - they owe you £180.

This is your money, and it must be claimed.

It is no secret that some consumers forget to make their claims. By reading and understanding this however, you will not be one of them.

And this leads us to the important question of...

How do I claim cashback?

The process is simple, but you must be aware of what your part requires.

The retailers that offer such deals all have instructions that show you what you have to do.

Almost always, you are required to send the following:

1) Some sort of cashback form (sent by the retailer through the post or printable off the internet)

2) Your last bill (which you have received at the time of the claim)

These have to be sent by post and it is strongly recommended that you get recorded delivery. The few pounds spent on making a secure delivery is worth the potential loss of hundreds of pounds.

The two items have to be sent at different times throughout your contract.

Let's look at OneStopPhoneShop for example, and assume your contract begins on the 1st of January.

With that retailer a total of 4 claims are made. After 6, 8, 10 and 12 months of conncention. You also have 30 days to make the claim.


First Claim -1st of July - 30th of July

Second Claim - 1st of September - 30th of September

Third Claim - 1st of November - 30th of November

Fourth Claim - 1st of  January - 30th of January

All you do is send the cashback form with the bill which shows you have been connected to the network for 6, 8, 10 and 12 months. This will not be a problem since you have 30 days in which to make the claim.

So it really is easy.

The money is credited by cheque. The hardest part is remembering the dates, but all you need to do is set a reminder. You can make a note in your diary, write on a calender but I would suggest you use the new mobile phone and use its features to do that!

Once you get the reminder, it takes 5 mins to assemble what you need and possibly another 5 mins to post. Time well the deal I just made up above (you can get MUCH better deals) each envelope you send alone is worth £45.

And remember most people will have the same phones and tariffs as you without the benefit of being able to get such valuable money. So make the most of the deals!

Enjoy your savings - if you have a general question please do contact us.

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